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AAHC/I Publications and Resources

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Kuwait’s Regional Perspective on COVID-19 Pandemic

This webinar focused on the Kuwaiti perspective in response to COVID-19. Ms. Yasmine Rifai, who is part of the Kuwait Public Sector Lead Crisis & Resilience Team with Deloitte & Touche (M.E.), proactively on the frontline to support the government of Kuwait in response to this pandemic, shared the methodology of their response phase and anticipated recovery phase. She also touched on other local initiatives that Deloitte Middle East is working on to help the Kuwaiti government mitigate the spread of COVID19 in the country and protect those among whom are most vulnerable to this disease.

Lebanese Regional Perspective on COVID-19 Pandemic

This webinar focused on the Lebanese perspective in response to the COVID-19, presented by Dr. Georges Ghanem, Chief Medical Officer of AAHCI MENA member, Lebanese American University Medical Center - Rizk Hospital. Dr. Ghanem, addressed Lebanon's overall readiness, response, and anticipated recovery plans. He reviewed efforts to mitigate the spread in the country and protect those who are most vulnerable to this disease.

Scientific Publishing

The main objective of scientific publishing is for researchers and academicians to share their knowledge and results with peers so that research and development can progress. During this webinar, members will learn the different types of scientific publications, the publishing process in scientific journals, the major index databases, and the statistical evaluation of bibliographical data including journals and researchers.

Building the Capacity for Clinical Research in an Academic Health Center

The American University of Beirut (AUB) established the Clinical Research Institute (CRI) to support and promote innovative clinical research and collaborative activities. This presentation will review the capacity building programs as well as the different units and centers established to achieve these goals. The presenter will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned.

Humanism, Technology And The Physician Of Tomorrow: Everything Will Change!

The webinar discusses the impending radical transformation of medical and premedical education to prepare future doctors for practicing medicine in the 21st century. The outcomes and recommendations of the AAHCI-MENA regional meeting and the AAHC national meeting, held in Beirut and Chicago in 2018, were presented, as was the resulting proposals to transform medical and premedical curricula in the new era.

Research Challenges in the Middle East

The webinar gives a broad overview of research challenges facing academic health centers and systems located in and working with those in the Middle East. Presented by Ibrahim Janahi, MD, FCCP, FRCPCH, Chair, Medical Education, Division Chief, Pediatric Pulmonology, Sidra-Medicine, and Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Weill Cornell Medicine, in Qatar

Portrait of Evolving Medical Applicant: Time for Action

The webinar is a direct reponse to last year's conference at AUB that discussed Medical Education, humanism technology, and the physician of the future. It discusses how shaping the physician of tomorrow should start within the premedical years.